Management does not include doing everything yourself. Management revolves around effective delegating.

Delegating should not be looked at as a means to relinquish control. It is an art that helps you encourage and motivate employees to be dedicated to you and to perform well. It shows that you trust them and that gives them an automatic commitment boost. Leadership can easily be measured by whether you delegate and how well you do it.

Statistics reveal that more than 80% of the businesses that delegate are more successful than those that don’t. The numbers are too significant to ignore.

Here are tips on how to delegate:
Start Preparing
You will face difficulty here because this is your first step. You will find it hard to even start preparing. The advisable thing to do is to slow down first and start planning the delegation. Don’t look at this as a waste of time. Proper planning leads to effective delegating.

Make a Decision
Start delegating small tasks to begin with such as detail work and work that recurs every now and then. You don’t have to delegate confidential tasks, counseling, disciplinary actions, and performance evaluations. These are your responsibilities.

Decide the Person to Delegate to
Don’t delegate to the first employee you see. Evaluate the skills of your employees and their performance. Evaluate their interest in the particular task at hand as well. Based on these evaluations, pick the right candidate to do the job for you. Also assess their ability to work under pressure especially if the task is a high preference task with a stringent deadline.

Be Clear
This is where many leaders go wrong. It is imperative that you let your employees know exactly what you are looking for. Lack of clarity will waste time and cause unnecessary pressure. It will also lead to a lot of hassle, which could easily be avoided in the first place. Once you explain the task, ask your employees whether they understood. Repeat yourself if necessary.

Grant Resources
Your employees need the required resources and the authority to complete the given task. You should give them permission for the same beforehand. Lack of authority will not allow them to work properly.

Don’t Micromanage
If you micromanage, the whole purpose of delegating will be lost. Monitor the ongoing task so that you correct their mistakes and help them out. Micromanaging will frustrate your employees and the task won’t get done.

Correct, Review, and Engage
Finally, assess everything and correct the mistakes. Give feedback based on positive reinforcement so that your employees are encouraged to do better next time. Keep delegating tasks so that they feel engaged and motivated. That will also give them the required experience to step up when the need comes.
Delegating is the secret to a successful business.

Entrepreneurial Learning
Efficient delegating is very important to run a business smoothly. Start planning carefully so that you delegate properly and encourage your employees to see the task through. Also, don’t forget to authorize them to take actions and use resources required to complete the task.