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About us

We provide short training sessions with focus on individuals, businesses, professional bodies and corporates alike, high net worth individuals and upcoming executives. Our philosophy is transforming the nation by transforming the individual.

Our clients trust us to provide the best financial solutions to help drive their strategic and financial goals. Our team brings together great experience in the financial service industry, advanced education to acquire expertise and knowledge in the finance field and global exposure to understand the trends and best practices when offering financial advisory services to our clients. These qualities ensure that Imnah and Jimnah Consultants Limited puts our clients first and ensure that we create value in all our engagements with clients.

Our Expertise

Individuals, families, businesses, companies and even nations are getting stuck in their present successes or failures and worse still, get stuck in their past successes and failures! Imnah and Jimnah Consultants Limited is a leading financial advisory firm, with significant expertise in:

  • Financial planning and wealth management
  • Accounting, Audit and Risk Management
  • Transformational Corporate Governance
  • IT and system Audits
  • Soft Skills training: Branding, marketing

Imnah & Jimnah Pillars

Our recommendations are based on the client’s best interest as we strive to serve you and to provide world class service.  We work with great partners and networks, to ensure that the financial advice recommended is exceptional and timeless. Through the pillars below, the vision is being executed and realized:

  • I&J Financial Wellness Pillar
  • I&J Risk Management Pillar
  • I&J Corporate Governance Pillar
  • I&J Information Technology Pillar
  • I&J Soft Skills Pillar.
  • I&J Community Service Pillar

Our Happy Clients